Tax Payments

Electronic Estimated Tax Payments

Federal – For the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System Click Here

The Electronic Federal Tax Payment System tax payment service is provided free by the US Department of the Treasury. After you’ve enrolled and receive your credentials, you can pay any tax due to the IRS using this system.

If you have never enrolled, click on the “Enroll” Tab on the right hand side of the screen and select the type of entity (individual or business) that you are enrolling for. Enter the information needed and submit. Within seven days, you will receive in the mail your PIN and instructions on how to create an EFTPS Internet Password. Please note, the information will be mailed to the IRS Address of record for your EIN or SSN enrollment, which may be different from the contact information you entered. If you payment must reach the IRS today to be timely, please visit for options.

Once you receive your pin, go to the eftps website listed above and go to log-in. Please input your SSN and PIN received. If you have not set up a password, click “Need a Password.”
Please re-enter your SSN and PIN again, enter bank account information, hit next and set password based on criteria listed, click submit, and return to the original log-in page and re-enter your information, including your password.

On the Tax Form Selection page, enter tax form number filing payment for or select from drop down menu to select the type of tax payment being made. Input the amount, tax period, and settlement date, and click next. Review and confirm the amount and type of tax payment being made and select make payment. Please print a copy of the confirmation for your records. **Please ensure selecting the correct tax period to avoid having payments being misapplied to the incorrect tax period.

Minnesota – For Minnesota E-Services Click Here

Individual – From Your Bank Account

For Individual payments, please Click Here to make a payment and complete the information as indicated. For individuals, MN doesn’t require advance registration

Select, “No, not using the letter ID,” and complete information in boxes indicated on the screen. Note that when selecting type of payment being made to adjust to reflect the correct year to apply the payment to avoid the misapplication of your payment by the MN DOR. Please enter your payment information. Note that you can schedule more than one payment at a time. If scheduling your fourth quarter estimate, please consult with your accountant to see if there is a benefit of paying by 12/31, or if it should be paid 01/15 of the following year. Click next, review the information and click submit. Please print a copy of the confirmation for your records; you will also receive an email confirmation of the payment(s) being made.